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people are taking issue with the large amount of money the united states hands out to other countries. one of the largest mortgage lenders is trying to help homeowners face foreclosure. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [male announcer] to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso delivers the joys and comforts of home. even out here. find out how you can help at the uso. until every one comes home. ♪ fallinbehind on their mortgages, no one profit groups are teaming up to save homeowners from foreclosure. joining us now to talk about this is dwight robinson, a, sr. vice president of community relations at freddie mac. your company is joining 13 no one profit groups to help struggling homeowners. how do you plan to help them? >> we're really excited about our initiative working with non-profit groups for home buyers who may have become discouraged, disillusioned or frustrated with the process of trying to save their homes and to avoid foreclosure. we've teamed up with the non-profits to provide phone counseling that will put people in position to enhance a
for flights headed to the united states. >> christmas day incident underscored that the screening procedures at foreign airports are critical to our safety here in the united states. therefore, we have to do all we can to encourage foreign authorities to utilize the same enhanced technologist for aviation security. >> never lands where the flight originate was the first foreign country to announce scanners, great britain and italy followed suit. and france announced plans to use scanners at some of the airports. >> but not all european nations adopting the u.s. inspired security upgrade. officials in spain, and belgium call the measures excessive. president obama taking blame for the lapses and said the intelligence needs to do a better job of recognizing threats. >> as we develop new screening technologist and procedures, our adversaries will seek ways to evade them in the never ending race to protect our country, we have to stay one step ahead of the adversary. >> fox news. >> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton responded to america's failure to prevent that christmas plot. she t
of the united states. >> defoliants station in haiti. the massive relief effort underway for millions of people affected by this huge earthquake. >>> the winter warm up begins. lounge it last in my sky watch forecast. >>> and how american idol could get more youth to get out and vote. >>> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news at 5:on 30. >>> tonight a citywide effort to crackdown on crime. >> mayor sheila dixon, soon to be member sheila blake will be hitting the streets as a united front. >>> and joy is here with more. >> reporter: jeff and jennifer, last year alone 238 people were killed in baltimore city. so far this year five people have been killed. there is no doubt curbing the city's violence will certainly be a challenge for soon to be mayor chef knee rawlings blake. just last night a man was shot in the face near a high school in west baltimore. a crowd was just leaving the high school following the basketball game. the 129-year-old victim who was not a student was taken to sinai hospital. whoever shot the teen was seen getting on a metrobus and police a
to describe it. you can say turbulent or chaotic. it is a bloodbath of a year. in the united states, sales will be on the lowest level on a per capita basis since the late 950s. >> tell us some factors that contributed to that year in autos. >> it has been building since 2007 with the collapse in the housing market then we had, in the auto industry, i don't think people realized, the recession didn't start with lehman brothers, it happened before that with collapsing consumer confidence with housing going down in '07 in ski auto marks like california and florida. so even throughout '08 you had gas prices just killing detroit in particular which is much more relying on the light truck segment. then lehman happened and all that just just cascaded into 20d let to massive collapses, each month the sales numbers were horrendous and we're down year to date 24% and the only bright idea was cash for clunkers. >> was that program a big success? can you call cash for clunkers a successful program? >> yes, because it wasn't too long to the point where it is going to pull a ton of 2010 deman in 2009.
of the president entering the room. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> the people standing along in many cases have been there a long time to get them and we'll hear the banter for the president and see them interacting and so while we can we'll listen. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> chris, i have heard his demeanor characterized in a number of ways. that is conjectory thing. as we sat down at the table with the president in the white house, he seemed relaxed and took his coat off and invited everybody else to do that. i realize we have had hard times. we hope they might have gone in recent months. to say he was anything less than deflated over the idea of a health care reform loss which clearly he h. the person he gave a warm welcome is tim geithner, the treasury secretary. that interesting, geithner was on capitol hill getting a roasting not only from the republicans in congress but also from the democrats . so he was running the new york fed of the aig, got roasted and some people suggested that he should step down. i don't think i
in to office with the notion that the whole, the major exessential threat to united states was the terrorism attack in the country. there was a profound emphasis on al-qaeda and terrorism up until i think the decision to go into iraq and then the operations in iraq consumed all of the energy. the situation in yemen has deteriorated over the last several years, because of a concentration on iraq, a concentration on efforts that are tangential at best to al-qaeda. this president, i think, understands that the exocential threat are in afghanistan. >> chris: i don't want to relive the bush year. let's talk about what jon kyl talked about that stuck in people's craw. the decision to charge umar farouk abdulmutallab as criminal defendant instead of enemy combatant. yes, he did talk, but only for 30 hours. and the fact is according to a lot of interrogators 30 hours is not enough. why not? what is the -- let me ask it this way: what is the downside to continuing to treat him as an enemy combatant? >> well, first of all, we have charged and in many cases convicted hundreds of individuals since 9/11
change your life. watch the "700 club". ♪ ♪ ♪ [male announcer] to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso delivers the joys and comforts of home. even out here. find out how you can help at the uso. until every one comes home. ♪ the president's state of the union address, and the u.s. senate has just a few more days to vote on federal reserve chairman ben bernanke's nomination for a second term. bob chirinko is here with his in sight. welcome to the show, bob. >> thank you. >> how do you think the state of the union address could take shape? >> i believe he'll talk about concerns facing the electorate. government is too large, bank bonuses are too large. >> is mr. obama losing credibility with the american people? >> i think very much so. there's a great deal of concern from different quarters about government spending. we're all concerned about unemployment, and certainly a sub set of people are concerned about bank bonuses, but not necessarily everybody. >> what do investors want to hear from the president? >> all of those things that insure that inflatio
reform and how it affects what you pay for drugs. health care spending in the united states it reached $2.3 trillion in 2008. that's an average of more than $7,600 per person. according to the department of health and human services. it is an increase of more than 4% from 2007. as lawmakers negotiate on the two different versions of health care legislation, we continue our two-part series and this time we take a closer look at how the proposed legislation impacts the pharmaceutical industry and how much we pay for drugs. earlier, we spoke with damien conover, independent analyst at morningstar. so how would you describe the impact of this health care reform on big pharma? is it going to be negative or positive, if it indeed goes through? >> right, what we're seeing is likely the reform proposal coming out of the senate and that particular proposal looks like it is going to be slightly beneficial for the pharmaceutical companies, but i think more perform that it looks like it is more likely neutral than anything. >> big pharma, we know, is going to be facing a lot of industry fees under th
involving united states and europe. we have intel settling with competitors, appealing the fine in europe, fighting off both state antitrust officials in new york and other states that may join and now the ftc with an administration complaint. >> so administration complaint means it will not be going to a jury, it is just decided within the system, correct? >> first step is, ftc has brought a case under section five of the federal trade commission act alleging allegint intel does is an unfair method of competition it goes an administration law judge and either side can appeal at the federal level. >> looking ahead to between is there a likelihood this will be settled or this case will drag throughout the year? >> it is hard to say, the case has just started but intel looks like they're trying to resolve all of their legal issues by settling with competitors, depends if they can settle with the european union. if they can, they should be able to settle with the federal trade commission. they're not seeking a fine, it is not permitted under the ftc act, there is no jail time, it is not a cr
american president of the united states. he will also get to hear interview with the people who helped to shape the campaign. in tv news. homer, marge and bart haven't aged but the simpson family is 20 years old. if you miss any of the episodes from this past season you are in luck. they will be released on dvd tomorrow. you can watch episode of the heart pounding drama yard this week. complete 12th season available tomorrow. show continues to explore the inner workings of the emergency room and dedicated doctors who make life and death decisions. fashion designer is moving to the director chair. we'll preview the new movie a single man on friday. i'm kandace, kandace, that's the low down. >>> ravens ran over the patriots yesterday in advance of the divisional play off for second straight year. john thoughts on the big win coming up next in sports. >>> hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed accep
to haiti. also, we'll update the united states rescue and relief efforts with lieutenant general ken keen who is leading the efforts there. and dr. rajiv shah, chief administrator for the u.s u.s. aig. and we get the latest from correspondent morgan harrington -- steve harrigan. and the democrats are working with the bill looming. what will the gop do next? we ask mitch mcconnell. and the sunday panel, they will look at the massachusetts election. will a republican capture a democratic seat on tuesday? all that right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. we'll hear from the former presidents and the other guests in a moment but first, the latest from haiti. authorities say at least 50,000 people have been killed and there are fears that death toll could more than double. relief agencies estimate one-third of the country, some 3 million people are in need of help and officials say there is no electricity and the water system collapsed. for more, we turn to steve harrigan in port-au-prince. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, brit. each day w
? >> we were trying to stop bringing gitmo detainees to the united states, but in the last bill that was passed, the majority removed that constraint. we have 40 members of our party in the senate. and a number of democrats who want to work with us. i hope that we might be able to do that. but i think the bush administration has been shown they made a mistake. i hope the obama administration will learn from that and not continue to commit the same mistake. >> chris: let's talk about another -- i suspect you'll say this is another mistake d. you think it was a mistake to charge abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant? >> clearly. as you said in your interview, as soon as they got away, he lawyered up. now they may be able to negotiate over a period of months or years some kind of deal in which he gives them some information. but we have the ability -- or we had the ability in the previous administration to interrogate detainees following the laws and the constitution, not torturing them but getting information from them. and this man abdulmutallab probably has more insight in to po
] to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso delivers the joys and comforts of home. even out here. find out how you can help at statement, no surprises there, but we're still going to break it down with dan cook from i.g. markets. he joins us now. welcome to the show, dan. of course, interest rates are kept the same, close to zero. the committee sees this usual phrase, exceptal levels raised for an extended period. the feds are refusing to give any hint about when they're going to raise interest rates. is that the right approach. >> the data has been positive, but not overwhelmingly so. they have a lot of other tools they can utilize other than interest rates for a while. >> there is one that dissentedsd from that phrase keeping interest rates low for a period of time. >> it is a phrase. i think we'll see more in the meeting minutes. it seems like we're going to start to see more of that. as we start to see signs of the market improving, there will probably be a few dissenters. >> okay. we could see a further battle down the road about the question about raising r
clinton flew in with a message for those suffering. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >>reporter: trucks are water are arriving on some streets and it's a scramble to get it before it runs out. medical supplies are trickling in to what remains of the general hospital. >> (unintelligible). >>reporter: a sea of patients who wait outside to be treated. so far hundreds in this make-shift triage with more on the way. >> he came here yesterday. >>reporter: her brother was rescued after being trapped three days. he'll have to wait. doctors are swamped. when nightfalls doctors can't work because there's no electricity. the wounded will lay in the dark. we're finally beginning to see the use of heavy equipment to remove the wreckage. blt it or not, they're hoping someone might be alive underneath this. >> we have a lot of people down there. >>reporter: a historic meeting takes place in the ovaloffice. they jump on board to raise relief money. >> they know they'll have a friend in the united states of america and they can escape their history and build a
to be the leader of the country. on an international scale, being the face of the united states, couldn't be more proud of him. >> i'd give him an a, also. people have to give him some time. one year can't fix all the problems that this country has accumulated in the last eight years. >> i would give him an a. congress i would give a little lower to. >> what grade would you give congress. >> maybe a c, business at usual. >> our poll was unscientific. a recent national poll found the reviews are mixed with half saying the president's first year was a failure, and an equal percentage of people calling the first year a success. >> companies are free to spend as much as they want to support or oppose politicians running for federal public offices, as long as they do not donate to candidates directly. on thursday, the supreme court in a 5-4 decision struck down part of the mccain campaign finance law. the court ruled the corporations have the same free speech right as individuals, which means the government cannot stop companies from buying bill boards or commercials to support certain candidates. the
throughout jersey. >> do not try it until you try it. >> more than a dozen states in the united states have some sort of medal marijuana laws on the books. >> a pause between storms, in southern california. the area has been pounded with rain and high winds. a possible tornado along the coast ripped a hole in the roof of this building. homes along the san lorenzo and guadeloupe rivers are watching the water river. and residents in santa cruz area are battling mudslides. >> warm day. fly in the hallway. which is not normally a -- >> what? >> welcome sight. >> but the rain maybe snow is back in the future. vytas is back with the details. >> we're still in winter folks. it looks like the temperatures will get back down into the cold side of things. as we go down the rest of the week. looking at the he temperatures out there right now. beautiful mild day. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we're at 40 degrees downtown baltimore. and a little bit of clouds out there, as we continue to see thicker clouds north and west of the city. humidity levels at 79 percent. and it looks like we will conti
unfortunately some small children with really severe burns that we're working to get back to the united states for better burn care. it has been a tragedy. a lot of destruction. >> and fox is helping raise money for haiti. hope for haiti telethon is friday at 8:00. you can find it right here. and all proceeds benefit five relief organizations currently operating in haiti. >> learn how you can help by logging onto our website and click on the haiti disaster icon, in the top left corner. >> well, very messy weather is coming our way. >> what can we expect this time? chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with more on the winter blast again, on the way? >> it has been interesting jennifer and jeff. these storms have been timing themselves right before the weekends. kind of been the trend, i have noticed. but it looks like we will see another storm pushing up out of the south. right now clouds out there. 35 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. to partly cloudy south of us. winds out of the north-northeast at five. humidity levels, 58 percent. and it looks like we will continue to see th
. in the united states we spend almost double on health care as other industrialized nations as a percentage of gdp and that sparked the health care reform debate in the begin but as we've seen it take shape we don't see what is enacted to lower the spending for health care as a nation as a whole. >> this debate is not over yet by a long shot because we have several more months possibly of debate as lawmakers try to finalize the ball. thank you very much, damien conover with morningstar. thank you. >> thank you. >> a look at how the upcoming consumer electronics show could affect the technology sector. that's next, "i was afraid of the public. i was afraid that everybody i stopped was gonna shoot me." "one night right at dusk i stopped this vehicle for speeding and the guy jumped out of his car and i saw that he had a gun in his hand i drew my revolver and focussed on his hands and it wasn't a gun it was his billfold." "i drove straight to my sergeant's house and told him, i'm done.'" how steve watt fought his way back from overwhelming fear. on the 700 clñc after this "in the know" message
in oakland, oakland, maryland. here's this larger system in the center portions of the united states moving due east. we are going to be on the north end of the system. bulk of the moisture is actually going to stay to our south. creating a lot of icey conditions for the tennessee valley. as this inches closer i'll breakdown how much snow we are going to get from the system coming up in just a few minutes. for tonight we drop down into the teens tonight. 18 degrees and cold breezy conditions will continue.i'll have more indepth look on the large system that impacts us tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. >>> next on the news at 5:30. smokers may get hurt twice from the smoke that's already been in their lungs. >> you just rear ended unmarked cruiser and i have an observation that you are on. >> mel gibson back to his on screen police officer route for why he is blazing fast internet, plus, crystal-clear phone. all for just $89.99 a month for one year. discover a whole new entertainment experience that goes beyond cable. thousands of your favorite shows and movies available at the touch
in dallas. and 38 in baltimore. the center portions of the united states are dealing with mild air. moving in. and that will press in our direction for sunday and into monday. so that is good news. but we will have to deal with rain showers along with that mild air mass. so there is the low pressure system moving out of here. high pressure system builds in nicely for saturday. tomorrow. so wake up to sunshine. and right around 3:00, continue with the blue skies. but unfortunately that high pressure system is short lived. and here comes the next system is just in time for the later half of the weekend. so on sunday, at 1:00, still be dry. but clouds will be pretty thick on sunday. and then the rain showers pressing in here, late in the day on sunday. and lingering into the first part of monday morning. before the system does pull out. so for tomorrow. one of the best days for the weekend. eastern shore forecast for tomorrow. 42 degrees. for a high temperature. mostly sunny skies. and the winds strong out of the west at 10-to-15 miles per hour. and shifting toward the southwest as that warme
mass right over the united states. it is all coming from the upper part of canada. very strong canadian high pressure system bringing down the arctic frigid air mass. zero in minneapolis. negative one in omaha. 16 in chicago. and dropping all the way down, 21 degrees in dallas. so well below freezing temperatures in dallas. and dropping down to florida where they have concerns of freezing on the crops. so dangerous air mass over half of the united states. we had the low pressure system moving off to the atlantic ocean. brought snow showers earlier today. that is gone. frigid temperatures and blustery conditions for saturday. good news, is that we will have the sunshine making it feel and look warm outside. bunt fortunately temperatures struggle to reach 30 tomorrow. and then here comes the high pressure system s dry high pressure system allowing for sunshine. and then even toward sunday, again, pretty much a repeat of saturday weather. continues with temperatures around 32 degrees for sunday. and then as we go toward the middle of the work week. next week. we will get on the back side o
are expected to be brought to the united states in upcoming weeks. >> stories of survival among the heart ache. and this help pours in for survivors that need it. >> but for some the wait is just too long. craig boswell is live in port au prince haiti. with the very latest. hello craig. >> hello to you. yeah, international aid is pouring in to haiti. and, again, amazing stories of rescues. today, 10 days after the quake hit and thousands of people are fleeing port au prince. 200,000 have fled, according to the u.s.a. id and plans to evacuate some 500,000 people and relocate them to tent cities outside of the port au prince capital. within days here. >> among the devastation, there are signs of hope. at this tent city in port au prince, children pass the time flying kites and playing ball. >> i am about finished crying. and the weeping and the mourning, if you will for what has had happened. >> salvation army has seen a lot of suffering since we met him a week ago. providing medicine and meals, despite running out of supplies, he is optimistic. >> their lives are being saved. and they are cling
-of-the-art equipment you will find in any modern hospital in the united states. >> get ready to head to haiti. >> i think, with the experiences we have had in the past in haiti and other areas, we feel that we're, if not the best, one of the best teamstology down and help. >> the baltimore based navy hospital ship received the orders to deploy to haiti after the devastating earthquake. which officials believe has killed tens of thousands. and left thousands more injured. and others without homes water or food. >> our main concern right now is getting our equipment online. making sure that everything is working. and getting our supplies on board. >> navy officials say this is the biggest mission in the ship's history. and one of the most difficult to deal with. >> it is overwhelming. which is why we would like to get there yesterday. you never get used to this. i have been in the navy 22 years, been on a lot of missions. but it is hard to sit here seeing what is going on and we're not there yet. >> the ship is scheduled to leave this saturday. and will arrive a week from today. reporting live here i
by virginia's second governor, thomas jefferson. it is not easy to follow the president of the united states. in my 18 year old twin boys added pressure to me by giving me 10 minutes to finish before they leave to go watch sports center. i am joined by fellow virginiians to share a public perspective on how best to challenges of our nation today. we were encouraged to hear president obama speak this evening about the need to create jobs. all americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work and the dignity that comes with it. [applause] many of us here tonight and many of you watching have family or friends that lost their jobs. in fact, one this 10 americans is unemployed. that is unacceptable. here in virginia we face our highest unemployment rate in 25 years and bringing new jobs and more opportunities to our citizens is the top priorities of my administration. good government policiless should spur economic growth and the responsibility of the private sector to have new jobs. we must have policies that promote entrepreneur ship and innovation so that america can bett
packed into the question. >> president of the united states and the city of baltimore. why he spent so much time in a room full of republicans. >> and fugitive files. how you can help bring these men to justice. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. karen has tonight off. breaking news downtown where a watermain ruptured. at 6:00, west frank and eutaw street. water from the break has flowed onto the light rail tracks. along howard street. and is now freezing up. the brake forced the city to the shut down four streets in that area. of course, there is on this story as it becomes available. >> parking tradition causes problems in a baltimore community. people punished for using the sidewalk. keith daniels live in northeast baltimore with what the city is doing about it tonight. keith? >> well, jeff, live in the lake walker neighborhood and if you are familiar with this part of the city. you know there are tight squeezes on this street. especially this block. this is what is causing the problem. look at this. this c
inauguration as the first african-american president of the united states. you will also get to hear interviews with the people who helped to shape the campaign. and t.v. news, homer, marsh and bart haven't aged but the simpsons family is 20 years old. if you missed any of the episodes from this past season you're in luck. they will be released on dvd tomorrow. >>> you can watch episodes of the heart pounding drama yar this week. the complete 12th season will be available tomorrow. the show continues to explore the inner workings of the emergency room and the dedicated doctors who make death and life decisions. >>> tom ford is moving to the director's chair. we will preview his new movie, a single man on friday. i'm candace dold and that is the low down. >>> thank you, candace. >>> coming up in the 7:00 hour, you can get a free ride around baltimore starting today. where you can get on the new charm city connector bus. >> reporter: a priest who served this baltimore church forced out of work. i'm megan gilliland, the allegations the father is now facing straight ahead. >> reporter: and i'm jo
planes filled with aid are already in the air, some of them from the united states, and others from other nations. they're sending things like water and food. it's unclear if they have arrived yet this morning. that is the hope. we know a lot of people are waiting for them to arrive. the red cross is estimating 3 million people, a 3rd of the population may need that help. megan gilliland, fox 45 morning news. >>> stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage. we will talk with a representative of beyond all boundaries of how you can help donate to the relief effort. that is coming up a little later this hour. >>> maryland's general assembly gets back to work looking for ways to trim the state's $2 billion deficit. session 2010 began yesterday in annapolis. financial concerns are expected to be the main focal point over the next 90 days. already on the table the possibility that a 4 year tuition freeze for instate students at maryland colleges and universities could be over. governor o'malley says an increase may be necessary for the next school year. >> modest increases, keepi
that they sought to strike the united states and that they were recruiting operative to do so. intelligence community did not aggressively follow-up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence. >>reporter: white house report says the u.s. government had enough information to keep the christmas day bombing suspect off that airplane. let's get back now to vytas with a very latest on the approaching snowstorm coming this way. vytas? >> more snow on the way. looks like we have this storm just off to the west and will continue to bring the snow fall our direction. as with he go through the overnight expect to see the snow flake coming down probably after about 10 or 11 okay tonight. heavy snow probably pick up at we get through the 3 or 4:00 o'clock amp hour tomorrow morning. can make driving a little bit hazardous out there. make note of that and leave early. winter weather advisory for the northern tier and central part of the state looking at baltimore city and baltimore county under this winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. eastern shore just a little bi
there is no busier lab in the united states than the b pd lab. >> baltimore city the first jurisdiction in the state to reach 100 arrest with the help of the dna database. >>> we all want to live a long healthy life, right. >> sounds good to me. >> american heart association is out with this 7 secret doing just that. >> first never smoke or quit smoking now. maintain a body mass index of less than 25. that's cut off point for being over weight. get at least 2 and a half hours of moderate exercise each and every week. keep the total cholesterol below 200. >> and keep the bloop below 120 over 80. report blood conclude coast level of less than 100 and maintain a healthy diet. the tricks give most 50-year-olds another 40 years free of stroke and heart disease. >> another 40 years. >> yes. >> long time. >>> mix of rain and snow is coming our way. >> vytas joins us once again with the very latest on when we can expect it to start. >> yes. it is on its way to the south west of us by 45 miles to 50 miles. start to come down a little bit south of sterling, virginia and will continue to see the band onl
is what it is feeling like. national temperatures, though, most of the united states is feeling this arctic blast of cool temperatures and record-breaking temperatures. negative two is the current temperature in minneapolis. 16 in boston where the ravens will be playing for tomorrow. very cold air for them. seven degrees in st. louis. how about miami? 39 degrees in miami. they're dealing with a lot of freezing conditions too. this area of high pressure in control. that's allowing for northwesterly winds to come down from canada. we'll still continue with northwesterly winds. it will feel warm sxer look nice outside. clear conditions waking up tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. widespread sunshine throughout the daytime for sunday. in to the first part of monday. as we look towards monday evening, things change a little bit. we'll see clouds thicken up. another system will come from the west and it will -- to the higher elevations. for us in baltimore and d.c. we'll see scattered flurries. no huge accumulation, but flurries by early tuesday morning. for tomorrow, a beautiful d
"fox news sunday" tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. right here on fox 45. >>> the united states marine corp officially leaves iraq almost after seven years of service. 20,000 u.s. marines were in iraq at the peak of the war. they have formally handed over control of the province to the army. more soldiers were soon follow. president obama has ordered all by 50,000 soldiers to leave the country by august 31st of this year. the remaining troops will lead by the end of 2011. >>> parking in montgomery county just got easier. when you get out to pay, coins aren't your only option. you can use your cell phone. you can preregister online. >> that would be okay. if you knew this was happening and your cell phone was charged. >> parking enforcement officers will be able to call in the system and see if you're paid. the county is trying out the pilot program for 90 days in select areas. >>> one local business is trying to give back in these tough economic times. this dry clean nerz columbia is offering free dry cleaning for the unemployed. up to three garmets a week. the regular price is $
in the united states. and it also raises the issue of yes, here in america we do pay more for the same drug than, say, europeans pay. they definitely have a different system, but i was talking to my brother who actually works in the pharmaceutical industry, and he says that drug companies are going to charge whatever they want, whatever the market will bear. >> and it's supply and demand in the health care industry just like it is everywhere else. it's interesting that prices in health care are a little bit more owe make. you often don't know what you're paying for a certain procedure until you get that bill after the insurance covers it and all that nonsense. >> exactly. even month to month prescription prices with vary wildly. >> very inconsistent. moving on to how much politicians are making in their paycheck, we have a viewer concerned about that. >> yes, the politicians do make more and they do their job, but they don't do it efficiently. they want to tax us, let them tax themselves. let them give up all those perks. >> i think it's interesting that it's the voters that actually decide who
luggage, paying for his ticket in cash, young kid not on a student visa going to the united states missing this document and that document. >>reporter: he says the similarities show we're not connecting the dots we vowed to connect after 9/11. we have the technology to spot threats, but the full-body scanner is only installed in a hand. of airports. it's expensive and intrusive. >> congress last year killed a bill that would have required used in a substantial number of ar airports. >>reporter: more telling to him is what happened after he was arrested, or rather what didn't happen. >> if this guy was treated as a enemy combatant and interrogated as such, he could have at least gotten a shot at gaining some intelligence information. reporter: civil liberties groups says that thinking filled the detention facility with people the u.s. can't convict and doesn't dear release. what's missing, some experts say, is strong leadership at the transportation security agency and the customs and border protection agency. both still waiting for congress to confirm the president's nominees. >> t
. dna analysis is a specialized science, and i can assure you there is no busier lab in the united states than the bpd lab. >> baltimore is the first jurisdiction in the state to reach 100 arrests with the help of the dna database. >> as congress continues to debate over health care reform, one activist group here in maryland said a key part of the reform should be new rules about toxic chemicals. the maryland public interest research group said there should be efforts to control toxic substances. exposure to toxic chemicals has long been linked to long illnesses like cancer and asthma. >> of the 80,000 chemicals registered for commerce in the u.s. today, epa required testing of only 200 of the chemicals and ban only five since 1976. >> the group's experts say updating toxic chemical laws will help to lower the cost of health care to read the full report and for more information about keeping your kids safe from toxic cum can kels, go to our website, you can find all the information at links. >> and the sleet coming down at this time across the city is. we can
a horrible, i guess, precursor of what's to come for most americans in maryland and throughout the united states. >> well you can tell lawmakers what you think about health care reform. contact information is on our website. voice. >> and you can send this video to a friend. go to story. and click on the share button below the video. >> coming up. more marylanders die from h1n1. why health officials are urging people to get vaccinated. >> a baseball legend makes a shocking admission. find out what the home run getter had to say. (announcer) let's say it's guy's weekend, and your friend says it's going to be sweet... watch tv, while we tailgate. insane! i love you guys! i forgot the tv... (announcer) well, if someone made a mistake, they could use sears to go to find a new tv in minutes, arrange for pickup at the nearest store ...even have it brought out to the car you know, we also sell grills. onnnn it! (announcer) sears to go, web to store. there's more ways to shop your way at sears. life. well spent. >> good evening folks. looking at
>> winter storm headed our way. what it could bring united states and when, in the sky watch forecast. >> it is heartbreaking you. absolutely heartbreaking. >> pit bull rescued after a dog fight. where it happened. and who is facing charges. >> the disaster in haiti. how the earthquake became a personal tragedy for anne arundel county man. >> and a criminal suspect is suspended from his government job. the reason the city has finally begun an investigation. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. our warm january weather is about to come to an abrupt end. >> yeah, we're going to get messy winter weather today. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with more on the winter blast on the way. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff, good news about that is that it is happening late at night. bad news friday morning. for rush hour commute. not a lot of activity on radar. but further south, this is where the storm setting up. area of low pressure moving up out of texas. secondary low up off
is actually high had compared to other cities, throughout the united states. >> the numbers compiled by firehouse magazine's 2008 national run survey, puts washington d.c., at the top of a list. with 3.5 firefighters per 1000 residents. next on the list, is the city of baltimore. with 2.8 firefighters per 1000 residents. and arundel county is number 10 at 1.6. followed by baltimore county, at 1.3. >> seems to me to come down to more of a managerial question. and are firefighters being used in the best way possible. >> other major cities like philadelphia, and boston, have fewer firefighters per capita than the city of baltimore. but the union said those numbers do not tell the whole story. >> you have to show all the numbers. you cannot show part of the numbers. >> baltimore city fire answers the highest call volume per capita nationwide. responding to about 300,000 calls a year. >> for us, in the fire department though, it has been very difficult because we have been tasked with covering the city, with less resources. >> in a city of 80 square miles. the department ranks fourth nati
to strike the united states and that they were recruiting operatives to do so. intelligence community did not aggressively follow-up on, and prioritize, particular streams of intelligence. >> the white house report said the feds had enough information to keep the nigerian off the aircraft. >> there is simply no debate health care is going to be very, very pricy. patrice harris looks at how the house and senate measures will pay for all the bills. >> president obama pledged he would not sign a health care bill that increased the deficit or cost more than $1,900,000,000,000. and lawmakers say that's what they delivered. >> the president, and we and the senate have pledged that this will be paid for, and bring down costs, and it will bring down the deficit. >> it wasn't easy. democratic leaders in both houses get massaging the numbers until they fit. the congressional budget office, or cbo is required to score what congress said it will do without regard for whether lawmakers will actually do it. so when the democratic leaders told the cbo they would raise hundreds of billons in revenue and
most of the united states and is zig alg down to new orleans 29 degrees and dallas 23 degrees. will you have to go far south to find warm air today. the radar we're waking up to a couple of flurries out there and light snow showers. we will see lake flurries in the region and it's stemming from the lake-effect snow showers, the strong wind, and the cold wind over the lake region. it's making its way over the mountains and toward the d.c. baltimore region for today. we have had the area of high pressure and low pressure, and the contrast has allowed for strong gusty winds for our region. around 3:00 a.m. for tomorrow morning we will deal with partly cloudy skies. we will stay dry and sunny conditions for the daytime for wednesday but we're watching another system, a cold front that is going to move toward our region late thursday night into early friday morning. we could see a couple of inches of snow showers. we will see how it plays out. it's still a couple of days away. mind the cold front -- behind the cold front another round of cold air. temperatures are going to stay in the 30s no
. they are pretty on what they need to do. this has not been tried in the united states, except, with substances but it has been tried overseas and it works quite well. we need to get back to man's best friend and that is going back to these sniffing dogs. i think it would work, and even with the sniffing dogs you won't be able to weed out this problem 100%. if somebody is bent on bringing about destruction on american soil and american airport they will find a way. think about this kid, he was a 23-year-old, nigerian, and his father reported it to the embassy and said that he was concerned about what he would do and nobody listened. he could not rome around the uk and he could not gain entry there, and could find entry into the united states. when you fly on the international flights, you should not have to be concerned about whether somebody is on an aircraft trying to detonate an explosive. >> should the obama admnistration focus more on finding those kind of guys rather than trying to catch them in the act after they're in the airport? >> megan, we certainly don't want them to catch them in
a wall street ceo, who wants to take money from the united states taxpayer and pay himself a bonus and we say, no. >> reporter: massachusetts democrats brought out the big guns, a senator, two representatives, the governor. >> how is it going, boston? >> reporter: and the president of the united states. for obama it's personal. his prestige on the line. a victory by brown would give republicans 41 votes in the senate enough to stall important legislation including healthcare reform. >> so i think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha o's op opponent. it might not take you where you don't want to go. where he we don't want to go is backwards. >> reporter: hundreds of scott brown's supporters outside of the rally and a few abortion protesters inside, three removed while obama was speaking including a young boy. >> i will be your senator and i will be on your side. so let's make that happen. >> reporter: both cokley and obama called for a full court press in these final days, something few thought cokley would have needed a few days ago. >> now i think that democrats are
the electorate and sent scott brown to washington to serve in the united states senate. the only difference between massachusetts and the plan the president has is the plan the president has puts in strong cost controls that protect families from watching their premiums skyrocket. i do the think that the process has caused things like the healthcare plan to be caricatured when in fact they contain tax cuts for small business to provide coverage for employees, cost controls so, as i said, families don't see skyrocketing premiums. and checks on insurance companies that can't discriminate against people with preexisting conditions. >> chris: i want to go back to healthcare in a second but we hear the main interest in the "state of the union" is economy and putting people back to work. the president is talking about $175 billion jobs program, more tax credits, more spending for infrastructure and green energy jobs. after the experience of the stimulus, does he really think that borrowing billions more, adding to the deficit is going to cut employment and put people back to work this year? >> we
are there amidst the rubble trying to save lives. others are here in the united states hoping their hearts and wallets for desaster relief. the spoke mans with the american red cross is here to talk with us today. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> it's a touchy subject. so many people want to help. the american red cross is making it possible to help. what are you doing? >> help is already on the ground in haiti. right now the red cross is focusing on medical supplies, food, water, sanitation so people have clean water to drink and shelter for people, just the essentials. we have seen an amazing out pouring of help from the people here in central maryland. >> a lot of support. should you be sending water, food or money. what is the best thing. >> right now the best way you can help the people of haiti is by donating money to organizations like the red cross. the reason is the help gets there faster. it allows the experts who are on the ground to determine the needs who are there from day-to-day and get the resources to help. >> you and i have been talking about how fast the
century but there's still cowboys today, there's still cowboys all over the united states. >> kate, we're going to check with you throughout the morning, because i know there's a lot more for us to see. thank you for joining us. it sounds very, very interesting. >> thanks for coming by. >> joshua'sy is at port discovery until april, it cost $4.75 for ages 2 to 102 and it's free for kids under 2 and for members. for more information log on to >>> i fall right within that age group. take a look sky watch hd radar looking like a whole different story than yesterday. yesterday we had a lot of rain. it looks like the rain has moved out to the east. we had a second bout of it, and into the atlantic ocean. back to the west, we see snow showers trying to make their way into the higher elevations. that's the only place we expect to be see any activity of the kind. today it will be a drier day for most of us. we will get more of a westerly flow. it's going to be cooler with more cloud cover to start the day. it is going to be less windy but we will have winds out there.
or summertime. it's estimated that it affects approximately half a million americans every year if the united states. mostly women, ages 18 to 30, although researchers have demonstrated that when males show with symptoms, they usually -- they are more severe. >> what are those symptoms? >> well, most of the time, people isolate from friends, family, they're sluggish. they don't want to go out. they crave starchy foods and they put on pounds. they experience weight gain. >> is this all because they're just not getting the sunlight that they would in the summertime? >> well, that is part of the explanation. actually the disease has to do with biological clocks, internal clocks that we have in the brain. there's a hormone called melatonin that has been implicated in the genesis of this disease. when you have less and less light, these cycles in the brain are shorter, therefore you feel more fatigued and more depressed. >> so how do you treat it? >> there's a number of treatments. the more successful treatment is light therapy. there's light boxes that provide relief in approximately 50% of the p
has announced new security measures for international flights bound for the united states. starting monday, travelers flying from or going through nations regards as state's sponsors of terrorism as well as other countries of interest, will be required to go through enhanced screening, those could include full body scans, and carry on searches. the state department, listed cuba, iran, sudan, and syria. passengers from nigeria, yemen, and pakistan will face enhanced screening as well. passengers from other country will be checked at random. the obama admnistration probes a breach with allowed an attack on christmas day. agencies failed to connect the dots. >> there was no smoking gun. there was no piece of intelligence that said this guy was a terrorist and was getting on a plane. >> reporter: one former army intelligence officer says the u.s. faces a manage or challenge following up on hundreds of threats each week. >> we need to act on these very aggressively. it's about taking risks and we need to take one. >> reporter: meanwhile both u.s. and british officials decide to close e
these things along to get the kids out of those conditions and into the united states. is that going to happen? is that going to be a reality? >> the humanitarian parole status is coming. these aren't kids that are new orphans because of the earthquake. this is expediting the process that was already in place. although the humanitarian parole was recommended that wasn't followed. in fact, we understood yesterday that there were hundreds of kids lined up outside of the embassy with orphanage directors hoping that everything goes through which isn't safe and the trauma these poor kids waiting in line hoping. we know that individuals, the restrictions we brought up before, you know the difficult part is when that happens, it actually slows down the process for the rest of us. we really needed was for the state department to come up with a swift plan. and say here is how we're going to do it. >> what happens now, are they giving you a time line of when stanley will come home. >> right now, because there's no systematic plan. our agency is there on the ground now. we are hoping because of our file
on lauching his british hit x factor here in the united states. now people are wondering if paula will surface on simon's new project? i went straight to the source paula abdul herself. here is what she said herself. hey, guys i'm not ignoring all of your twits, regarding me x factor and simon leaving american idol. i look forward to answering all of your questions very soon. i appreciate your continued support and patients i think she is going -- i think that was all strait testimony ic anstrategic. >> i heard in an interview with simon that he would totally welcome her. >> make sure to follow us on twitter, just log on to and click on twitter under the community features section. >>> well, coming up, it's been in her freezer for more than 30 years. >> that lady right there. we are going to tell you what it ñc >>> almost all of us have a few mementos laying around our home, things that remind us of special times in our lives, but there's probably not too many people out there who keep those precious items in the freezer. >> definitely not, but for one florida woman it's the
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